Web Site Notes
This web site has reached the point of being solid and able to navigate on Sep. 03, 2003 and was published on this date. There are several sections which require further construction and you have been led to this page because a section you have selected is not complete. Please check here for progress and it is my hope that this page will not be necessary for long. The current status on various sections is listed below.

Honey Bear Pedigree - Has one 5 generation page while the database is being constructed and the link names do not navigate and are only static.

Ziggy Pedigree - Leads you here because his pedigree has not been received and research has not yet been started. This should take about 60 to 90 days to be complete: ETA: Dec. 2003.

Pedigree Database - Is huge and intense. I have approximately 400 pages to construct and this is just for Honey Bears Pedigree. The Pedigree Database will progress daily as the majority of the other sections of the site near completion. This will be the last section of the site to be completed.

Hall of Fame - People/Dogs - The next link on the bottom of the page is just a placeholder as currently there is only one page each. Click it and you stay on the page. This is a very short term situation until further pages are constructed.

The Site Map - Is a temporary one until all links are in place.

History Section - Stops after 5 pages and re-routes you back to History Page 1. This is short term as the History section is nearing completion.

The Time Line - Is almost complete but has a few "holes" near the end. This is a short term situation.

Rescue - Breeders - Links - News - Pages - Are thin in content and are mainly in place to help get started. Patience.

Forum - Is completely functional however will need some time to get up and active. Patience.

Email Contact and Notice Page - Can only be found from the site map at this time.