Honey Bear: First Vacation
Honey Bear: Chinese Shar-Pei
Week 9: It's time for a vacation. Honey Bear is going on her first trip. Colorado here we come to see her Grandparents.
Honey Bear: Walking with Mom
We took plenty of walks just to make sure she "took care of business" outside of the car.
Honey Bear: Closer Inspection
She was busy checking out all the new scenery and inspecting every detail.
Old One Room School House
With Mom being a school teacher we had to stop and take a picture of the old one room school house in Pagosa Springs.
Echo Canyon Geo Layers
Echo Canyon really shows the different geo layers.
Scenic View Across Pond
Beautiful view across a lake. I sure wouldn't mind living in this house.
Honey Bear Attacks Black Bear
Honey Bear saved our lives from this ferocious bear attack. Here we pry her from his mouth as she stands courageously between us and the bear.
Oldhams Dog Kodiak
Here's her buddy Kodiak. Honey Bear learned some valuable lessons about "sharing" on this trip. Mainly you don't try to pry a doggie treat from another dogs mouth.
Hot Air Balloon Above Trees
A beautiful view one morning as a hot air ballon clears the tree tops.
Heading Home Nap
By the time we started home this was the "natural" state of Honey. She was well worn out from this trip but she had a good time. She traveled well and was the perfect little angel. Well.......almost.
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