Honey Bear: Goes to School
Honey Bear: Ready for School
Week 13: Honey Bear took a trip to Mom's 5th grade classroom. The first thing she did was steal a pencil and got ready for lessons.
Honey Bear: Reading a Book
OK, I'm ready.... when is it my turn to read.
Honey Bear: Time for Recess
Ahhh... time for recess. Anybody mind if I'm FIRST in line. Let's go guys.
Honey Bear: Running with Kids
Weeeeeeeeeee..... See Spot Run.
Honey Bear: Nap Time
Think you can keep up with me...huh? I don't THINK so.
Honey Bear: Racing with Kids
OK, so you wanna' race me. 1-2-3 let's go. Hey.... no fair.... I'm on a leash.
Honey Bear: About Worn Out
Wheew, this teaching is hard work. When do we get a break?
Honey Bear: Gets some Attention
Yes, yes, yes.... time for a "Honey Bear Break. Excuse me but I do have one cheek free here. Anyone else care to pet me?
Honey Bear: More Attention
Now that's more like it. No, I'm not spoiled, I AM LOVED.
Honey Bear: Needs a Break
Gee, this school stuff is harder than I thought.
Honey Bear: Schools Out
Nobody minds if Will and I cut class a little early do you? Come on Will, I told you.... down on all fours...... like ME!!!!
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Respecting some parents wishes, some images have been blurred to conceal student identity.