Ziggy Boo Ming
Got Boulder?
Ziggy, our new Red Fawn Brushcoat Shar-Pei, knows a responsible owner always provides a boulder. Purchased from Breeder Betty J. Phillips via Butch and Sue Simmons, Arlington Texas on July 19, 2003.
Ziggy was born on April 30, 2003 to:
Ziggy at 6 weeks.
Sire: Blue Boo Boy
NM93223203 (08-03)

Dam: Phillips Ming Soo
NM75361903 (03-99)

Litter # NP02877002
Ziggy: At 6 Weeks
The first two pictures are the ones that made us pick Ziggy. He was known as "Squealer" and is shown at 6 weeks.
Honey Bear Rules
Let me introduce you to the Honey Bear Rules. First I must inspect you..... closely.
Honey Bear: Off my Otto
Second rule is you never get on MY ottoman without an invite.
Honey Bear: Ziggy being an Otto Hog
Third Rule is when I DO invite you don't try to crowd me. Scoot over DUDE!
Ziggy: Checking Neighbors Dogs
Hey AWESOME we have neighbors. Wonder if they have fewer rules on the other side of this fence.
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