The information contained in the time line is extracted from any and every source that I find. Sometimes these sources conflict with each other as to exact dates. I generally post this information to keep it handy, start date research then correct or delete it. Below are some examples of conflicting data.

Example 1 - There are many Shar-Pei sources that speak of a "1947" tax that was implemented on dogs as the Communist took over China. The Chinese history that I have been researching suggest this Communist "takeover" was in 1949 when Mao Tee Tung assumed leadership. This would suggest that the 1947 date is wrong or there was a "pre-communist" tax implemented.

Example 2 - There seems to be some confusion as to how many times the Shar-Pei appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records and when. It is thought that the first time was in the late 60's when they announced the Shar-Pei as the Worlds Rarest Breed and in 1978 when they said they were "still" the worlds rarest breed. I have seen in some sources that they were listed 3 times but can't verify. Still researching this one.

Example 3 - Seems to be some discrepancy as to the "first" Shar-Pei imported into the USA. I have seen many and most reports that state Herman Smith's Lucky as being the first. He was in fact the first one registered with the ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association). In the short AKC history byline, on their website, they make mention of J.C. Smith receiving an early import which in fact it seems he did but I don't know exactly why they mention this. I see many people getting J.C. Smith and Herman Smith mixed up. Some reports state that a dog name Fai Goo was the first import. Fai Goo was in fact an early import with ADBA #005 registered to Darwin D. Smith. Fai Goo also appears on the books as Jone's Fai Goo, Smith's Faigoo and D.D. Smith's Fai Goo but with the same ADBA number 005. He was probably a Jone's dog of C.M. Chung while in Hong Kong, then became a Smith's dog when he got to the US and possibly a D.D. Smiths' dog to clarify which Smith as there were a lot of Smiths' registering these first batches of Shar-Pei.

Therefore - Please keep these things and conditions in mind when you scan the time line and don't hesitate to contact me to offer input or corrections.