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Mao Tse-Tung The Decline: Wars and famine ravaged China and the Shar-Pei, as well as other breeds found themselves "on" the table, instead of bringing something "to" the table. Having relinquished it's role in the fighting ring combined with over breeding gave abundance to the breed to a country that was starving. Never in such grave danger as the "Chow" some Shar-Pei were selectively chosen as a meal due to a particular dogs lack of strength, character or intelligence.

It was far easier to just eat the dog as opposed to feeding an inferior subject. The basic disinterest in all dog breeds peaked during the Ming Dynasty (1368 ~ 1644) and resulted in sharp declines in canine populations.

The Shar-Pei survived these times and managed a coexistence with man until the Communist took over China in 1940. Pets were considered a luxury and therefore heavy fines and taxes were imposed for their possession. Further, Mao Tse-Tung (Mao Zedong ~ 1893-1976) ordered a mass extermination of all breeds after determining that pets were a symbol of priveleged classes.

This canine elimination was devastating to most areas but some areas seemed to escape the massacre. Some of the breed was smuggled off Main Land China and survived in small numbers on the islands of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the 1950's but ironically even many of them were used in the dog fighting rings.

By the 1960's the Shar-Pei was virtually extinct. In the early 70's a small group of interested parties searched intensely for the last surviving members of this breed. Two gentlemen in particular were C.M. Chung, a breeder of Shar-Pei and Matgo Law who had recently become interested in the breed. Their intentions were to try to resuscitate this vanishing breed. They were able to acquire a small number of dogs and set out to develop a plan to re-establish this endangered breed.

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