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The Chinese Shar-Pei by Ellen Weathers Debo The Chinese Shar-Pei
Author: Ellen Weathers Debo
Published: 1986

This Hardcover Book Contains 255 pages and over 70 color photos. I constantly go to this book for a reference and the author is experienced in the breeding and showing of the Shar-Pei. Highly recommended and cheap enough through many second hand venues.
The Chinese Shar-Pei by Paul D. Strang The Chinese Shar-Pei
Author: Paul D. Strang
Published: 1980

This Hardcover Book Contains 64 pages and many old photos of the early generations of Shar-Pei in America as well as some of the Hong Kong Kennels. This is the oldest book I have found or have and is a most awesome resource for history type information. Book was written prior to AKC involvement in the Shar-Pei. It is out of print but I regularly see copies available on Ebay and Half.Com. Very Highly recommended.
The Chinese Shar-Pei by Jo Ann Reddit The Chinese Shar-Pei
Author: Jo Ann Reddit
Published: 1996

This Hardcover Book Contains 158 pages and many color photos. It is an interesting and informative book which is very easy to read. The sub title of the book is An Owners Guide to A Happy Healthy Pet and this is a topic convered in book focusing on care of your pet and health. It is more of an "owners manual" than it is a "research tool". Recommended reading for a new owner.
The Book of the Shar-Pei by Joan McDonald Brearley The Book of the Shar-Pei
Author: Joan McDonald Brearley
Published: 1991

This Beefy Hardcover Book Contains 224 pages and more than 200 color photos. It is a well done book with topics including shows, history, health and emergencies. There are some sections on America's prominent kennels and topics including breeding as well. Recommended reading well worth the money and readily available in the second hand market.
The Complete Chinese Shar-Pei by Dee Gannon The Complete Chinese Shar-Pei
Author: Dee Gannon
Published: 1988

This Hardcover Book Contains 192 pages and ample black and white photos. It is a well done book and I really like it as it does include excellent research material. Many pedigrees are show as well as some exerpts from the CSPCA records on the first 100 dogs registered. Covers many topics not covered in other books. This is a must have.
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