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CSPCA - The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America was organized in 1974 to establish a breed registry and further promote the knowledge, understanding, health and well being of the breed. Still active today the CSPCA continues to serve and promote the breed as well as being a Member Club of the AKC.

AKC - The American Kennel Club is the primary dog registry in the United States. On May 4th, 1988 the AKC accepted the Chinese Shar-Pei into the Miscellaneous Class and on August 1, 1992 into the Non-Sporting Group. The AKC website host an abundance of information on all dogs and offers online merchandise and services.

Shar-Pei Search Engine - Featuring an online message board offering Puppies for Sale, For Free, Wanted and Lost and Found. Rescue information is also available on this site.

AHVMA - American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. AHVMA associated veterinarians utilize a slightly different approach to animal care which focuses on natural healing processes, behavior modifications and a broad based treatment plan as opposed to a narrowly focused invasive treatment. The site has a Vet Search for AHVMA Vets in your area.

Dr. Jeff Vidt - A practicing veterinarian at the Sugar Grove Animal Hospital in Sugar Grove, IL. His medical interest are internal medicine, dermatology and kidney diseases and his breed of choice is the Chinese Shar-Pei of which he has owned since 1983. Dr. Vidt has recieved the CSPCA William Morrison Service Award in 1997 for his contribution to the breed.

Breed Mate Software - Home of Pedigree Explorer, an excellent database software for tracking your dogs lineage and printing nice pedigrees.

Breeders Assistant Software - Another great Pedigree database for managing your dogs ancestry. Also great for record keeping, show dates, and other vital and important information.

Ebay - You would have to be hiding to not know of Ebay but this link is to remind you that Ebay is a great source for Shar-Pei related gifts, magazines, books for your favorite Shar-Pei nut. This link already has "Shar-Pei" plugged in as the search word just Click and Go.

Half.Com - Another great resource for books about the Shar-Pei. I have saved a lot of money looking here first when you don't mind used. You would be surprised how nice some of these books are and how reasonably priced. This link already has "Shar-Pei" plugged in as the search word just Click and Go.