To the viewers of this web site it is very much appreciated if you take the time to submit a photo, help make a correction or just give us your opinion of the web site. The links below are all email links that help us organize the type of submission you might make. Again thank you for any time you take to make a contribution.
Photo Submission - If you have an image that is missing on this web site please use this link and attach the image to the email. In the body of the email please give your source and any descriptions you feel would contribute.

Permissions - Due to this site being "not for profit" and being for the purpose of promoting the Shar-Pei Breed and educating those with interest images and information at times is used without permission. If you find an image that is your property and you do not wish for it to be displayed here please do not hesitate to contact us for immediate removal or to grant permission or ask for photo credits.

Hall of Fame Suggestion - Person - To suggest that we add a person that has been a contribution to the Shar-Pei Breed. If you have a photo please attach it and please supply as much information about this person as possible and why they should be added and what their primary contributions have been.

Hall of Fame Suggestion - Dog - To suggest that we add a particular dog that has been a contribution to the Shar-Pei Breed. If you have a photo please attach it and please supply as much information about this dog and it's owners/breeders as possible and why it should be added and what it's primary contributions have been.

Pedigree Information - Please use this link to report a discrepancy or to make a contribution to the pedigree database. I have found many discrepancies in the AKC type pedigrees and some questionable information in the CSPCA original registries. Any correction you suggest will allow me to double check my sources. Any information as to furthering the lineage listed would be greatly appreciated as well as any photos you may have.

Forum Topics - To suggest a new category for the Forum (Bulletin Board) please let us know what and why here.

Site Problems - If you encounter a problem navigating this site or have a suggestion as to how to improve navigation please let us know about it.

Comments - Please use this link to make a suggestion or general comment about this website or if you wish to correspond in general about the Shar-Pei breed or if you do not see a category above that is appropriate.

Please Note: Folks all of the above are email links and they all go into the same box. At this time one person (me) maintains this web site and I share my interest in the Shar-Pei with my sweetheart. I use the multiple links above to help sort mail and help weed out viruses that plague the Internet now days. You can actually use "any name you want" as long as it is followed by and I will get and respond to your email.
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