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The Pedigree Database section is an accumulation of ancestral information pertaining to our two dogs. By using the links above (or clicking photos) you may see a one page pedigree on either dog. While the first three or four generations may not be of use or interest to you bear in mind all of our Shar-Pei have common ancestors so as you enter the fifth generation and beyond you will find your own ancestors. Currently our database has over 430 records many of which contain rare photos and hard to find information.

Pedigree Pages show 5 Generations. By choosing the Shar-Pei Search Database link you will enter into a dynamic pedigree system that allows you to navigate through various pedigrees by choosing their name.

This endeavor began after we registered our dog Honey Bear. The AKC provided a 3 generation pedigree and while I found it interesting I did not think much further of it after searching the Internet and being unable to find any information on the dogs that were listed. I discovered that the AKC offered a 5 generation pedigree for research and ordered one. This opened the door as I started discovering information on her 4th and 5th generation relatives.

At this point it became like a Lay's Potato Chip and I couldn't stop. I got software to help me keep track of info and began to search in earnest for her heritage. In many cases I have gone as far back as 17 generations and traced her to the two original Hong Kong dogs that in a sense got this breed started, Down-Homes Sweet Pea and Down-Homes Anne Revival.

It would be a good time to mention that I do not guarantee accuracy in the data provided. As well I have found many mistakes on pedigree listings and even registration mistakes. Important: I would very much appreciate any contributors to data, info or photos and be happy to correspond regarding research.